10 Fun Wall Art Ideas

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10 Fun Wall Art Ideas:

Wall art for the home offers endless uses and ideas. There are so many different inexpensive ideas to give your home more charm. Don’t be afraid of trying something unique and different. If you don’t like what you did you can always take it down and try another idea. Here are some ideas that I found and/or made myself, that you can try at home.
Hanging kids art:
Using same colored frames. Space the frames about 2 inches apart from each other & depending on how many pictures you have, put them in rolls of 3 and 3.  Also 4 and 4 works great as well.
There are many different ways of displaying framed art.

  • Place above a console table
  • Bench
  • Coffee table
  • Dinner table
  • Behind a sofa and etc.

Using old wood clothing hanger or medal hangers:
Another fun and easy way of hanging art. You can display the hangers on a statement wall  and put them in rows of 4 or 5.  Another option is using old wood hangers and attach interesting pictures or photos you enjoy.
* Option to paint one wall to make a statement

Using antique plates for wall art:
This is a another cool way it hang art. Make sure you arrange the plates on the floor or table before hanging on the wall.  It’s better to do that to avoid putting too many holes in the wall. The hardware store has plate hangers, so it’s easier to hang on the wall or find another alternative that works. Either display in the hallway, kitchen and another room that you think would work nicely.

  • Maybe pick a color theme
  • Decide how dramatic you want to go with hanging the plates, by hanging just a couple or a lot.

Wired curtain rod to hang wall art:
This is another great way to hang kids art. Hanging in three roes on one wall looks interesting. Make sure theres enough room, in between the wired rods so it doesn’t look crammed.

Empty frames:
1. Find an old map of the world or city of your choose. Then find a large old picture frame to place on the wall. To give it a funkier look, the map does not have to fit the frame exactly,  it’s okay if the map goes past the frame.
2. Another way to use empty frames is to place old plates on displaying inside them.
Note: These look great over a console table!
3. Use multiple empty frames with no art inside & arrange them over a sofa or console table. It sounds strange but looks great!

Recycled Shutters:
Hanging old shutters as wall art works  great for cottage style or ranch style home. You have the option of sanding and re-painting the shutters or leaving them in the current state. Hang the shutter horizontally across the wall. Place old post cards, Art or photos on the shutters for extra detail.

  • Double stick tape works great to keeping the art from falling.
  • Insert in between the wood to hold sentimental items you love.

Fabric framed wall art.
1. Pick a fabric sample from the fabric store that works with the theme of the room you’re designing. Most of the time, fabric stores have a lot of inexpensive samples to choose from.
2. Next go to an art supply store and buy as many framed canvases as needed. The store has a variety of different size canvas frames to choose from.
3. With the fabric you picked staple the fabric to the canvas.

  • Staple the middle part of the canvas first and work your way to the corners. Once you’ve hit the corner, take the fabric and fold it into a V-shape & Staple.
  • Make sure the fabric is pretty tight because you don’t want it to have any clumps or ripples.
  • Make as many as needed for the look you want.
  • Another tip before placing the paper on the wall. Use construction paper and paint tape, to see how you want to arrange the canvases before nailing to the wall.

Framed wall paper:
Wall paper is making it’s way back into the design world. It’s a great way to make a room pop with color and fun design.
1. Pick out a unique design at a craft or hardware store.
2. If you want to take it with you when you move, attach it to plywood & use crown-molding to frame it together with.
3. Another option is to attach to the wall and frame it with crown-molding.
This looks great behind a sofa set or bed. I really like this look because, it makes the room pop with style.

Removable wall art:
This is another great way to spice up your room. You can paint an accent wall what ever color you like or leave it white and then pick a design that fits your personality. Check out these websites I found. They have a lot of great styles, they are www.dezingwithaz.com & www.newhouseofart.com. What I like about this art, is it’s pretty much a fake tattoo you can take it off the walls pretty easily. These sites have a big variety of styles to pick from.
Check out this video: www.dezingwithaz.com

DEZIGN WITH A Z – Wall Decal Installation

Letters art:
I really enjoy using letters in design. By using wood and medal letters, you can make it say something dear to you or spell the alphabet for a kids room. I’ve noticed its everywhere in design these days.
Where to find: Craft stores have the wood letters, Anthropologie has the Metal and Brass ones, and I’ve seem them at Home Goods as well.

I hope these ideas will help bring your home warmth and a personal yet stylish feel.

Check out these photos of the ideas mentioned above.

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