10 Way Of Decorating With Burlap

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I am a huge fan of decorating my home with Burlap. There really are an endless amount of crafty ways of use this material, and it’s almost overwhelming. Here are a few of my favorite ways of using burlap for decorating, and I’m sure you’ll like them as much as I do.

1. Burlap curtains

I am sure your thinking at first, burlap curtains don’t work. However, they’re a perfect way to decorate your windows. Not only do they look charming, they’re an inexpensive material and filter light really well. Another plus is people can’t see in!

2. Burlap for table runners

This is a nice way of decorating your table without going too over the top. It’s a seasonal table decoration.

3. Burlap wreath

This burlap wreath could be hung during any season and not just during the Holidays.

4. Burlap wine bottle bags

Great way to decorate during a wine tasting party.

5. Pattern for Round Burlap Bucket

6. Burlap throw pillow. Silhouette style

7. Burlap Tapered Drum Lamp Shade

8. Burlap wrapped around mason jars with flowers

9. French burlap chair

10. Rustic wall gallery organizer

Now, with just a few of these ideas of using burlap throughout the home, I would sprinkle the smaller items in with what you already have. I do think burlap furniture could be a bit much unless it goes with the style of your home. Mix any of the smaller items that could easily be mixed in with any style of decor.

Any more of your favorite ways of decorating your home with burlap?

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10. Pottery Barn

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