11 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants For Home And Office

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Finding the right indoor plant for your home and lifestyle can get a little tricky. Here are some low maintenance plant options to consider to add greenery to your home and office. The great thing about having indoor plants is they help clean up your environment with clean air quality. They will also add an additional decorative piece and sure dress up any space in your home.

1. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary:

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

Angel Ivy Ring Topiary

Also know as ‘wire vine,’ is known to be a lush fast growing plant. These indoor beauties grow up to 12 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter and thrive in 65 to 80 degree climates. Try not to let these plants sit in water or get completely dry.
Zones: These indoor plants respond well to bright & indirect light.

2. Braided Ficus Tree:

Braided Ficus Tree

Braided Ficus Tree

This plant, also known as Weeping Fig and Ficus Benjamin is native to Southeast Asia. A very attractive plant and considered one of the most popular indoor plant options. The braided stems are intertwined together and the top of the plant is full and bushy. The leaves are dark green and need constant moisture to prevent leaf drop when it’s cooled. This is a tropical plant and doesn’t tolerate frost at all.
Height: 24″-6′
Zones: Just like angel ivy these bushy plants like bright & indirect light.

3. Catus Combo Bonsai:

Catus Combo Bonsai
Catus Combo Bonsai

This plant will bring a touch of southwest into your home. The cacti bonsai are so intriguing to look at and super low maintenance. They’re usually kept in ceramic dishes or a glass bowl. These plants are carefully selected by specialist growers and thrive well in homes. The cacti bonsai combo only require a little water and thrive in a warm environment.
Height: 6″ to 10″
Zones: This indoor option requires bright light.

4. Chinese Evergreen:

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

The great thing about this plant is it doesn’t need that much light and is among the easiest indoor plant to grow. These indoor evergreens can tolerate a wide range of light or little to no natural light which makes them real hardy. These plants can flourish for years and are also rated as a great indoor purifier. Try keeping temperatures above 55 degrees and if they start getting mottled brown spots on the leaves, then you know there getting too cold. When the leaves turn yellow the soil is to dry.
Zones: Low to moderate light required but natural light is also okay.
Water: Moderate

5. Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries:

Mini Herb Topiaries

Mini Herb Topiaries

These plants are trained into tiny trio Topiaries in Lavender, Serissa and Rosemary. They thrive in any sunny spots and need to be watered regularly. Try not to allow your topiary to sit in water or get to be overly dry. Note: Softened water and salts will damage these plants. In the winter keep Rosemary and Lavender topiaries inside and exposed to sunlight or direct light.
Flower color: Blue, white, and lavender.
Foliage color: Gray and green
Height: 11″
Zones: Bright light is a must for these guys.

6. Chamaedorea Palm:

Chamaedorea Palm
Chamaedorea Palm

These are great indoor plants. They’reo actually a dwarf of outside palms and would look nice to keep in a hallway or entryway. These mini indoor palms do well in average home temperature and humidity. Overall these palms are a hardy plant and also suitable for office space.
Zone: indirect light and fluorescent light is great to help this plant thrive.
Note: Keep soil lightly moist and can be occasionally dry. Don’t over water!
Height: 3 inches & 3 feet in width

7. Month Orchid, Novelty Stripes:

Month Orchid
Month Orchid

This plant is full of colorful goodness. They’re ranked one of the top best air-purifying house plants to grow. The best part about the orchid is it blooms two to three times per year. Needs to be placed in four inches of black plastic pot and insert into a decorative pot.
Bloom time: Spring to Fall
Zones: Bright & indirect light

8. Ponytail Palm:

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail Palm

This plant is super low maintenance for those of us that forget to water. These plants can last for decades if taken proper care of. The Ponytail Palms get their name from their ponytail appearance. Water ponytail palms once every 7 to 14 days. The only bad thing about this plant is they’re slow growers.
Note: These plants are tough as nails and it’s almost impossible to let them die.
Zone: Bright Light required.
(Try placing near a window)

9. Tropical Combo Bonsai:

Tropical Combo Bonsai
Tropical Combo Bonsai

These are great plants to have on a desk in an office, it’s like having a mini rain forest. They are full of color and greenery in a small miniature ceramic rock garden. This plant needs to be watered on a regular basis, a good rain is sufficient amount of watering.
Bloom: Early Spring, Mid-Winter & Late Winter.
Height: 14″-18″
Zones: Bright indirect light.

10. Amaryllis- “Yellow Goddess”:

Yellow Goddess

Yellow Goddess

This plant will bring a taste of Spring indoors. These yellow goddesses have a variation of soft yellows and blooms that are compact. They bloom about six to eight weeks after potting.
Bloom time: Midwinter & Early Spring.
Height: 20″
Zones: Bright & indirect light.

11. Peace Lily Plant:

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

This plant is also known as Spathiphyllum, has white fan like flowers that bloom and dark green foliage. This is considered to be a hardy plant and great to keep indoors. Only needs to be watered once every 7 to 10 days. I have this plant and I love it because it is so low maintenance, even if your gone for more then a week and haven’t watered they’ll still be alive. After you water them they’ll bounce back quickly and perk up again, they are just great plants to have indoors.
(Height 12″/ 5″ in diameter)
Zone: Deep Shade & Humidity

Hope that helps with picking the right indoor plant for your lifestyle. Do you have a favorite indoor plant? Leave a comment and let me know!

xoxo Miss Bliss

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