5 Decorating Tips: Mirrors in Small Spaces

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Mirrors are a great way to help make a small space appear larger. There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles of mirrors out there that help make them even more versatile to decorate with. By using mirrors as decorative elements they instantly polish a room with little effort and can do wonders to add elegance and drama to an area.

Mirrors can also serve as works of art. So whatever taste you prefer from modern to classic there’s pretty much a mirror for it.

That said, I’ve found some inspiring images of ways to decorate using mirrors that will definitely catch your eye. Why not use mirrors to help solve your small space design dilemma?

After all they help amplify light, expand walls and breaking up visual clutter!

I just wanted to point out that not all of these picture examples are from small spaces, just wanted to mention that. However, all the tips that are used in smaller spaces would also benefit big spaces as well.

1. Try using a large floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture:

Mirrors that are the same width of the furniture make the piece look purposeful rather than looking cluttered. Another perfect place to use floor mirrors are entry- consoles. You really can’t go wrong with using a console table with a floor mirror. Even in a bedroom or living room, a large mirror works for vanity reasons and you can give your space one last “once over” before you leave your home. Look into a floor vanity mirror or the ones that attach to the wall. For precaution & safety make sure to attach the mirror to the wall with brackets!

The last thing you want is a large heavy mirror falling on you, even if mirrors are resting against the wall on the floor.

2. Mirrors behind a light source help work wonders:

I love this look a lot. Try placing a mirror behind a candle, a pendant light, or even a bedside lamp. Mirrors really do help with lighting by creating a magical effect to any room.

3. Place a mirror by a window:

By placing a mirror next to a window or across from it can seem as though there is another window. The mirror acts as a reflection and maximizes the effects of natural light. This allows you to get to appreciate the outdoor from multiple angles.

4. Try making a mirror wall:

The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica (Kelly Wearstler)

The key is using multiple similar small mirrors (in the same way you would use picture paneling), using large panels of antiqued mirrors (this breaks up the reflection and reads almost more like art than a mirror), or framing the mirror with trim (this gives the mirror context rather than leaving you to figure out whether that’s really a wall or another room. In a fun-house that’s, well, fun, but in real life it can be disconcerting).

5. Incorporate a mirror into a salon style art wall, on a patterned wall, or into a shelf arrangement:

In general, I appreciate gallery style art groupings, but the idea can be tricky to implement in small rooms without making you feel claustrophobic. Pulling a mirror into the grouping provides a little visual breather. The same holds true when a mirror is placed on a wallpapered or boldly colored wall. Like a window, the mirror provides the airy dimension needed to keep the high volume of visual information from becoming overwhelming. Likewise, on a shelf, a mirror provides a pleasing contrast to row upon row of dense objects like books.

Hope that helps! If you’d like to add more ways to use mirrors in helping a small space seem larger please feel free to leave a comment!


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- Xoxo Jessica

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