5 Decorative Terrarium Ideas

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Terrariums are making a big comeback in interior design. If you’re interested in adding some greenery in your home or office these terrariums are a wonderful option. Terrariums are self-contained little ecosystems that are chic, affordable, and low maintenance. Feel free to get inspired by these fun, tiny little scenes housed in glass containers. You can make your own or buy one at a florist. All you’ll need to do once every two weeks or even monthly is give it a simple water spritzing! Below are five of my favorite terrariums to make. Keep an open eye next time you head to a floral shop.

1. Mini lightbulb terrariums:

What a great idea making these little lightbulb terrariums, I also like the air plants inside the lightbulb. A DIY project I found from blog The Moody Fashionista.

2. Hanging glass terrariums:

These terrariums are From West Elm. Another terrarium that also used air plants (tillandsia) and succulents. West Elm has a great selection of terrarium vessels to pick from or you could always find whatever you have around the house or at a local floral boutique.

3. Wall magnetic miniature terrariums.

A sweet DIY project from Kangsiro. These metal can circle terrariums would look great in a desert home.

4. The common terrarium containers:

Weather you decide to make your own terrarium or buy one they help add a nice decorative touch to your home. West Elm has a great selection of glass terrarium vessels to choose from or you could always find whatever you have around your house or find a glass vessel at a craft store or even a local flower boutique.

5. Mason jar pendant light terrarium:

Another brilliant terrarium. These pendant light terrariums make for a unique DIY lighting project. What a cool idea. Image from blog Oh, So Darling.

Do you have a cool terrarium DIY project you’ve made or found one you came across that you want to share? I’m always open to new decorating project and new creative ideas.

- Xoxo Jessica

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