6 Creative DIY Ways Of showing off Clothing & Accessories In The Home

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Finding creative ways of displaying clothing and your accessories in the bedroom can be a challenging task to achieve. Also, making it not look cluttered or messy can be tricky as well. Here are six creative ways to display all your beautiful clothes & accessories in the bedroom that could help inspire you to try it yourself.

1. A creative shoe storage cabinet. I would have never thought of displaying pretty heels in a cabinet, how clever! A great idea to show off your pretty shoes without looking disorganized and messy.

2. Creative & useful dual purpose furniture for the bedroom. Try using old steamer trunks for your jeans, sweaters, belts or scarves. In the image above they also used the trunks as side tables which make for wonderful storage units. Sometimes using these unexpected pieces like an old steam trunk in the room make for more interesting pieces of furniture, rather than the usual pieces we commonly use.

3. I really like how they displayed this simple rod attached to a wall & how they displayed the clothing. Looks like they displayed their clothes for the week! Maybe maybe not:-)

4. Wardrobe mannequin. A fun way to display belts, scarves or even costume jewelry..even better a beautiful unique piece of clothing you love.

5. Clothing rack. This is a very neutral space but bold colorful clothing would also be fun to display in the bedroom. Why not show off your beautiful clothing instead of hiding it?

6. Open closet idea, Now this is what I am talking about. A whole room devoted to clothes & accessories but doesn’t look cluttered. This would be my ideal room! From the metal shoe rack, settee sofa and striped area rug this space works.

Do you know of any other creative ways to display your clothes & accessories in the bedroom or closet? I am always open to new ideas to try!

P.S. Sorry I haven’t blogged in several days my phone wasn’t working properly. I guess I needed to updated my iPhone so I could blog from it which I always do using blogpress a really fun and powerful little app. Thanks to my computer savvy boyfriend he fixed it for me and now I can blog again! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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