8 Ways to Go All White in 2012

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When picking wall paint, whitewash walls are a perfect choice when achieving a monochromatic space. I personally prefer a “white white” paint, it’s dramatic and a great choice to give the space a zen, clutter-free environment.

If white white walls are too much for you, head to your local hardware store and pick out a few paint samples you like best. Whites come in a variety of shades–from soft grays, earthy neutrals, chalky pastels and warm creams. Remember, go with the paint tones that you gravitate to the most.

I am always drawn to the look of mis-matched furniture with a monochromatic theme as the palate. It’s the nicest way and easiest way to give any room style. Here are eight simple ways of decorating in a  monochromatic style.


1. Lighting:

Try using pale shades, they are perfect sun reflectors. By using pale shades in a room it helps take advantage of the rays that shine in the room by using mirrors placed across from a window.

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2. White Out Paint:

3. Some color (Just a little bit):

White Painted Walls

Try using rich blues, greens and grays in small doses. This will help keep the space from looking too one-note.

4. Set The Mood:

White rooms are dreamy. Make the space feel spa like by using ruffled pillows, throws, shams or even contemporary tailored cases to fit your personal taste.

5. Go Au Naturel:

I am a huge fan of natural organic wood touches, like reclaimed furniture, rustic and antique pieces not only give unique personality to the room, they’re Eco friendly and also make for great conversation pieces as well. Lastly, adding contrast to a white interior, gives the space warmth and a homey feel.

6. Try the touch test:

Go around the room and make sure the space has a good mix of textures, depth and a variety of accessories. Without layers of interesting pieces, the room will end up looking cold and lifeless.

7. Keep furniture unfussy:

Get a simple white or cream sofa (IKEA offers inexpensive furniture) as a good foundation to guide you by. Once you have your larger scaled pieces, build from there by adding fun and interesting accessories. If you already have a great sofa, buy a slipcover in a whitish shade.

8. Modern mixed with classic vintage:

Different styles are visually tied together with alabaster hues, so don’t be afraid to bring a mish-mash of pieces into one room, it’s all about trial and error.

Can you think of any other tips for achieving a monochromatic look in your space?
-Miss Bliss

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