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What are your thoughts on all white appliances?

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have been big in interiors for a few decades now and I’m sure will they last a few more decades. White kitchen appliances are making a comeback, so it can be difficult deciding whether or not to “upgrade” or wait til white fully makes a comeback. I’ve been seeing more and more interior design blogs talking about all white appliances and how they are making a comeback, so the time may be now! I think this is nice having the option for consumers to choose either stainless or white. If you’re not yet convinced, below are some beautiful kitchens with all white appliances.

white refrigerator

I love white appliances. White appliances look clean and especially fabulous when paired with white cabinets.

white kitchend appliances
These days white appliances really comes down to a matter of preference and if designed right, will never be outdated. The pro kitchen look isn’t for everyone and the new white is today’s glossy not textured.

white kitchen
As for the maintenance issues; we all know that white gets dirty easily and stainless steel dents and scratches pretty easily. I have stainless steel appliance in my kitchen now and I would get glossy white if I were to upgrade my kitchen, it’s a nice change.

Are white appliances here to stay or just a quick trend? Please share your thoughts!

(Images via: Style At Home, BHG, Canadian House & Home)

- Xoxo Jessica

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