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It took me about two months to find the right bookcase online. I found this bookcase on craigslist in old town Pasadena. The man who owned it was moving out and couldn’t take it with him. He sold it to me for only $50 and it was solid pine wood.The only bad part was he was a chain smoker and you could smell it on the piece. I decided it would be best to paint it to get rid of the smell. I painted the bookcase antique white and distressed the wood. I decided not to paint the inside of the shelves so you could still see a bit of the pine
wood inside.
Here’s what I did:
• If you buy paint that has primer in it already, it’s less time consuming.
Make sure to always sand it down or buff it with an electrical buffer. It holds the paint on the wood longer.
• Painters tape worked wonders for this project. (I taped the inside of the shelves so they wouldn’t get paint inside).
• After this paint dried, I distressed the bookcase with my hand sander. (when distressing think of areas that would get chipped over the years so it looks like it was supposed to be like that).I thought this bookcase really transformed into a nice piece & looks so much better than what it was originally.

White bookcase

White bookcase

White bookcase

White bookcase

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