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Yesterday while wrapping gifts my friend and I thought of a great creative way to wrap using burlap instead of the usual wrapping paper. Here is how we made this beautifully wrapped gift.

The materials needed:
California pepper berry
Bubble wrap (optional)
Tissue paper
Ribbon (optional)

We had a lot of twine we bought at the craft store, it should last us a while! I am always using twine for things and it always comes in handy. It’s nice having a big roll of it in your craft room.

Also, this burlap only costs $13.00 at the hardware store. Most local hardware stores have burlap and craft stores do as well. It looks so pretty for gift wrapping.

Before adding the burlap I put a couple of pieces of tissue paper on the top of the gift first just to make sure you couldn’t see through the gift.

Next we decided to use a stapler to hold the sides together, tape wouldn’t have held it together very well.

After stapling the sides together, I added the twine & silver ribbon to make the bow. I doubled up the twine to make it look more dramatic instead of just one single piece of string.

For a nice finishing touch I added California pepper berry with some silver ribbon. Little finishing touches like adding California pepper berry & silver ribbon with the twine makes it look more complete & finished. Lastly, they could re-use the burlap for anything around the house, very eco-friendly.

What are your thoughts on burlap and twin as gift wrap?

- Posted Miss Bliss

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