Butterfly artist: Paul Villinski

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These beautiful pieces of wall art are created by Paul Villinski. He picks up aluminum beer cans from off the street to make his butterfly designs. It’s now nearing Springtime and butterflies seem to be a trend. I just discovered his work from looking at House Beautiful in April issue, and they look so elegant. Not only does Paul Villinski help the environment by cleaning up used beer cans but he also turns them into three dementional butterfly masterpieces. I like how he creates these airy installations on walls & even whole rooms into multi-dimensional canvases. If you like these photos you might also be interested in the post I wrote about Gerry Stecca – the clothspin artist.

Check out some of Paul Villinski’s work:

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

I love how he sculpted the butterfly design in this bedroom, so charming.

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

Butterly Artist Paul Villinski

More on information on Villinski’s work and further information on upcoming shows or current exhibition, go to his website.


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