Capiz Shell Chandeliers

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Lately I’ve been smitten with the look of cascading capiz shell chandeliers. When they’re lit up these chandeliers cast a beautiful shimmering glow. They look so elegant, beach vibey and romantic but they’re usually pretty expensive to say the least. Today I found a variety of different price points of real and faux capiz chandeliers and also a DIY one to make if you’re feeling crafty. Below are design inspirations on these gorgeous shell chandeliers.

Designed by Samantha Pynn
Photography Virginia MacDonald

Oly studio serena rustic shells chandelier $436.00.

Square capiz shell chandelier $469.99

Capiz Shell Chandelier $496.90

If you’re feeling really crafty you could always make your own capiz shell chandelier like the one from Design Sponge. Looks like a fun DIY project!

This chandelier is made from wax paper instead of the real capiz shell & you can’t tell the difference. Pretty neat don’t you think?

What are your thoughts on these capiz chandeliers? Do you like or loathe?

P.S I’ve been very busy moving this last weekend. Finally almost finished with moving in. I forgot how exhausting moving can be, but anyways I am looking forward to working on new design ideas for my new place. Happy Monday!
- Xoxo Jessica

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