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I’ve been liking the look of statement area rugs lately. However, I do like the sisal…It’s just fun seeing bold patterns and color instead of natural sisals. Here are some affordable area rugs that will be sure to get you more inspired:

This is a nice graphic pattern rug that would be nice for a man-cave.

Dwell Studio Facet wool-cotton flat weave, $350 (5 by 8 feet)

Fun zippy and vibrant asymmetry that helps highlight furnishings well. Another option is to try it in an entryway with a console table.

Dead End plush wool, $299 (5 by 8 feet),

A softer and more muted palette makes this rug ideal for a guest room or master bedroom.

Flock Dove Cream wool flat weave, $398 (5 by 7½ feet),

A twist of French-Moroccan flair, a nice choice for a dining room or living room. This one is my personal favorite!

Arabesque plush wool, $799 (5 by 8 feet)

This one makes me a little dizzy If you look at it too long, other than that it has a unique look. This area rug would look fantastic next to a classic sofa.

Pixel wool rug, $799 (5½ feet by 7 feet, 9 inches)

A little refined and ornate looking if you’re not interested in bold color.

Kuba Jaipuri cotton flat weave, $750 (6 by 9 feet)

Last but not least, a groovy graphic rug from Horchow. This is inspired by tile from the archives of the Smithsonian, I think it would look really dramatic with dark walls in a library or study.
Which area rug is your personal favorite?

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