Chic Hardware Ideas at World Market and Anthropologie

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I love looking at unique hardware to dress up furniture. While I was shopping for the holidays I walked into World Market and saw that they now are selling chic hardware. They have a pretty good selection to choose from.

Chic blue hardware

Chic blue hardware

Glass Knobs, Blue, (set of 4) $19.96

Chic hardware

Chic hardware Basic Ceramic Floral Knob, Red, (Set of 4) $7.96

If you don’t like any of the hardware from World Market, Anthropologie also has some unique onces to buy. One thing to keep in mind, is that Anthropologie has a bigger selection.

Chic hardware

Chic hardware

Lucky Number Knob $8.00

Chic hardware

Chic hardware

Chronograph Knob $8.00

Chic hardware
Chic hardware

Secret Key Handle $18.00

Just some hardware ideas to keep in mind, for your next DIY furniture project. Hope this helps!

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