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I found this pine wood console table on craigslist a couple of months back. The women I bought the console table from told me that it was her mother’s and they didn’t have room for the piece. She said her mother bought the console table for
about $800. Since she had no room for it and they needed to get rid of it, I was able to buy it from her for only $100. Not that bad. I thought it would be a
perfect DIY project to fix up.
When buying furniture you always want to make sure it’s good quality. I usually check the piece out before making an offer because sometimes pictures
can be deceiving, but not always.
Here’s how I fixed the console table:
• I went to the hardware store and bought a 1/2 pint of glossy black paint. I also picked
up a paint brush, sand paper and painting tray.
• I put down old grocery bags on the floor to keep the area neat.
• Then I sand papered the console table down well (the heaviest grade) so the
paint wouldn’t lift or chip off.
• I used a wet wash cloth and cleaned it off well. Then waited about a hour to let it dry off.
• I painted 2 coats of paint on the piece and let it dry over night.
• I decided to give it a distressed French Country look by sand papering little parts of the console table. (When distressing, try scratching the corners and areas where it would most likely get beat up with age).
I really like the way it turned out. I wish I had taken pictures of what it looked like before fixing it up. On my next projects I will be sure to remember to take before and after pictures so you can notice the transformation.

Black console table

Black console table

Black console table

Black console table

Black console table

Black console table

What do you think about my console table I fixed up, I’d love to here what you think?

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  • Julie


    Thanks Miss Bliss – I was surprised how the purple really worked in the space and fit perfectly.


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