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Bikes are so much fun to have in life but when it comes to storing them in an apartment or condo it can get tricky making them look aesthetically pleasing. Bikes always seem to get in the way, especially if you have nowhere to store them and the last thing you want to do is lean it against the wall. A perfect solution is this bike shelf made from furniture maker Chris Brown. He makes these bike shelves out of solid wood in walnut and ash. A perfectly clever and efficient way to store bikes.
Check out the website for more details at Knife & Saw.

bike shelf

bike shelf

You can also display some books on the top of the bike shelf. I’ve noticed one thing, you couldn’t get this rack if your bike frame isn’t straight across.

Bike shelves

Bike shelves

•The finishes•

Walnut finish

Walnut finish

Walnut: $300.00

Ash finish

Ash finish

Ash: $270.00

Another thing I want to mention is there is a wait time for these Bike Shelves as they are literally flying off the shelves!

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