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Intaglio gem plaster coins have been used a lot lately in interior design. They are a great way to decorate your home as framed wall art.

A little history on these beautiful intaglios gems… Intaglios were considered souvenirs of their day. An interesting fact about intaglios is they were said to bring good luck and were “trinkets” from Europe. Originally, their roots date back to ancient Rome & were considered a seal to mark people’s belongings. You can often find them framed as wall art, in rings, jewelry, and as collectors items. What appeals to me the most about these delicate designs is they look amazing framed as wall art. Whether they’re hung on the wall as singular pieces, in groups, or on a colored background they all look stunning. Here are a few I found that I am sure will inspire you to have intaglios in your home or office.

Decorative 22 x grand tour cameo intaglios Gems Medallions plaster Coins seals $45.90

This would make a fun DIY project to make your own wall art using these intaglios gems.

A. Tyner Antiques

Two Antiqued Gold Framed Intaglio $750.00 from Swedish Dekor

They stand out beautifully in a dark brown background.

Marine Life Intaglios from, Karen Robertson Collection. Pretty much any color looks great as a background for wall art, displaying these intaglios gems.

These intaglios designs have been an art form for hundreds of years, they look contemporary and glamorous when framed in sets!

What are your thoughts on intaglios plaster medallion coins being used in home decor?

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