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Here is a easy DIY project that needed a little bit of tender loving care.

Last week my girlfriend asked me to help fix her outdoor chairs she almost gave away. The seats were broken and had plywood laying over the tops of them and they needed to be cut to size. So, I told her I would help fix them for her. I thought they were a great flea market find and I knew that I could easily help!

Here is how we fixed the metal chairs. We first traced out the plywood to fit the seats. Next, since we had to run to Home Depot anyway, we brought the plywood to be cut at the wood cutting station. They only ended up charging us a dollar for our two pieces we had cut.

Next, we spray painted the plywood a nice semi-gloss white. Since the chair’s seat was plywood I thought it would be a lot more comfortable to get outdoor seat cushions. You can never go wrong with stripes, it’s too bad Home depot didn’t have black & white striped cushions. These Black & light beige cushions will have to do for now.

Looks so much better now that the seats are fixed. Simple fixes like these help a lot rather than getting rid of broken pieces of furniture.

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