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Today I completed two DIY projects. I started my Summer vegetable garden and made chalk paint garden labels and ended up finishing my wine cork chalkboard for my craft room. I love having productive days:-)

Here is my garden label inspiration in the photo above. (Cozy Bliss Pinterest)

This was a super fun and easy DIY project that didn’t take very much time to do. Here is how to make these fun crafty chalk paint labels.

First if you don’t already have any 1/8″ 3 x 3 pieces of wood at home I would highly recommend two to four pieces for this size (depending the size of your garden). I was able to make seven garden labels from the two pieces of wood I picked up at the hardware store. The 1/8″ was not that hard to cut the wood, you could either use sturdy craft scissors or even a sharp mini blade like an x-acto knife.

Also you’ll need to pick up super glue and two to three pieces of thin wood sticks to hold the garden labels upright in the dirt.

Last but not least you can’t forget to buy chalk paint & primer. Don’t forget to buy chalk sticks, that’s the best part of this project.

Here is the step by step process of making these garden labels:

1. Paint all your pieces of wood with primer on each side and wait for the paint to dry (30 mins each side).

2. Paint the chalk paint on to the wood with a 1/2″ (optional) paint brush. Make sure there are no clumps of chalk paint because it’s harder to write on if it’s clumpy.

3. After both sides are dry cut with a pair of scissors or an exacto knife. I made my labels about 5 inches in length. I have big hand writing and didn’t want to write too small using chalk. If you prefer making them smaller it’s really up to you, on the plus side you can make more labels if you cut the wood smaller.

4. Next I cut in half the wood stick with my hands since the wood wasn’t that hard to break. I estimated breaking the sticks in half about 5 to 6 inches, if you cut the sticks too short they wouldn’t be as sturdy in the dirt & most likely will blow over by the wind.

5. After cutting the wood I touched up the sides of the wood with a black sharpie pen for looks mostly. You also could go back and clean up the side with chalk paint but I thought the black sharpie pen dried faster.

6. Then super glue the sticks in the middle of the wood. You want the labels to be balanced. Wait about a hour before placing the wood labels in the garden or even better let them lay flat over night. This is to make sure the two pieces of wood are securely attached together.

7. On the chalk paint box I recommend waiting two days before writing on it but I ended up writing on them the same day.

Materials needed:

1 Quart of chalk paint
Chalk sticks
2-4 Pieces of wood (1/8″ 1/8″ x 3″ x 36)
2-4 Thin wood sticks
Craft scissors/ x-acto knife
Black sharpie (optional)

And here are my wonderful chalk garden labels! I think they turned out fantastic. I have to say that I’m a big fan of chalk paint, I still have a ton of paint left over after finishing my two DIY projects this week. I guess you’ll have to wait want see what I end up chalk painting next!

P.S. I just started my garden & planted seeds last weekend so it’s kinda bare looking right now but that’s ok:-)

- Xoxo Jessica

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