DIY: Decorating With Vintage Soda Crates

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Lately l have been noticing a lot of great ways to decorate with vintage wooden soda crates. You can find them at most flea markets for a reasonable price and Pottery Barn started carrying them a few years ago. They offer a cheerful way to add some nice decor to any setting. They’re a great way to bring some pop into your life! No pun intended…lol

Here are a couple of fun ideas that I really liked. The options seem endless when it comes to re-using these soda crates and if you happen to find some vintage soda crates even better.

garden in soda crate

You can create a charming little succulent container and garden. I like how they used a pattern with the lighter succulents and more lime green succulents when potting the plants in each square.

vintage soda crate containers

Planning a party or wedding? These soda crates make for a sweet vintage touch for parties as they hold party favors for guests to enjoy.

magazine display soda crate

They make for good magazine displays.

toy holder dr pepper crate

A great toy holder. It holds little LEGOs nicely.

coffe table soda crate

This is a great DIY soda crate coffee table…would be sweet in a child’s playroom or bedroom.

crafts storage soda crates

Useful storage for organizing your craft supplies and craft room. Each little slot they have helps store little buttons, ribbons and other supplies needed in a craft room.

plate rack soda crate

Soda crate plate rack. Looks like she just removed the soda dividers and re-used the two soda crates as floating plate racks in the dining room.

coca cola crate

And of course embrace using them for their original intended purpose, soda bottles! Fill them with your empty vintage soda bottles and vintage seltzer bottles for a nice whimsical display in your home. It will bring you back to the old days.

I think it’s amazing how much better the quality of packaging used to be, with milk and soda cans being bottled in glass and shipped nice wood crates. Now-a-days everything seems packaged pretty poorly and not as well made anymore, just mass produced which is unfortunate. However, we’re able to re-use them for many other purposes. As you can see many creative people have found some great uses for vintage soda crate around their homes and offices.

Any other ideas for using vintage soda crates?

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- xoxo Jessica

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