DIY: Grain Sack Pillow With Buttons

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Yesterday I got inspired to make a pillow out of my vintage linen grain sack. I purchased several grain sacks a couple of years back at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena & finally got a chance to make something with them. Here is how I made the pillow.

My before picture for my green & red striped grain sack linen with pillow insert.

First I filled over the bottom half of the linen about 17″ inches & left enough room for the top.
Then I measured with a tape measure about a 2 inch space with a black marker on the inside seam.

Next I marked each side 2 inches with safety pins to hold where I need to sew together.

Then next step before I started sewing, I placed the red buttons on each side to make sure I liked the placement of the buttons. On this pillow I used nine buttons on each side however, you may decide to use more or less, it’s really up to you.

Next was the button sewing process that took up most the time.

I made sure that I sewed the buttons behind the seam of the grain sack.

After each side was finished being sewn I then started sewing the last button for the top & inserted the pillow insert. I thought it would be neat to center the button in between the green & red stripe. I also picked a little bit bigger button for the top flap of the pillow for more character and I used a bit smaller buttons for the sides.

And here it is, the finished grain sack pillow!! This pillow project ended up being really easy to make & I had a great time making it. My girlfriend come over and made some necklaces half way through my pillow project & it seemed as though the time flew by fast.

For now this pillow is on my black chair. I completed this hand sewn pillow in about 1 1/2 hours, not bad at all.

Happy Friday!

Sewing needle
Red sewing string
Vintage grain sack
Red buttons (20)
Safety pins (19)
20″x20″ pillow insert
Tape measure
Pen optional
- Xoxo Jessica

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