DIY Holiday Wreath with Winterberries & Holly

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Today I spent the afternoon in Manhattan Beach Ca & walked around enjoying a beautiful sunny Saturday. I walked inside a flower boutique called Growing Wild. The shop was full of customers picking up wreaths, center pieces for the table and flowers for the holiday season. I loved how fresh all their flowers and greenery were. I ended up buying one branch of holly & winterberry for my wreath I wanted to spice up. I personally thought their prices were a bit pricy but, I ended up buying from them anyways.


Here’s how I customized the wreath:
I bought this plain branch wreath at the fabric store and I wanted to spice it up. I cut the individual small branches of holly and winterberry so they would fit the wreath. Next, with my hot glue gun I glued the pieces together. I thought it would look nice if I just put the holly & berries around the base part of the wreath.



Here it is with the finishing touches!



Soooo charming..
What do you think?

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