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I mentioned last week about all the lavender that has been blooming in the yard. I spent the weekend working on a lavender wreath for the front door of the house and it turned out beautiful. Here is how I made the wreath.

Make your own Lavender Wreath Tutorial
1. I cut about 4 pounds of lavender to get a full looking wreath. When cutting lavender it’s good to cut at the base so it grows back faster. There were a lot of honeybees on the lavender, so be sure when handling lavender that you don’t get stung.

2. Here are a few things you’ll need from the craft store: medium sized foam wreath
a bag of moss
forest green spray paint
hot glue gun
hot glue gun sticks
floral wire
scissors or wire clippers

3. Next spray paint both sides of the wreath

4. After the paint has dried, use a hot glue gun and glue down the moss evenly throughout the wreath.

5. Next, using floral wire take small sections of lavender going counter clock wise and tie around the wreath. Try tying the back part so you don’t see too much of the wire.

Note: the easiest way of tying the wire is twisting it together & using scissors or wire clippers to cut the extra pieces.

6. Keep bundling the lavender evenly around the wreath until it’s full. Then overlap some of the pieces until you get it just how you want it to look. Cut the extra stems that aren’t needed.

7. Try tweaking the lavender to get it the way you want it. It helps to move around the stems so you can’t see the floral wire.

8. Once you get it the way you want it hang it up! It’s definitely time consuming but worth all the work I promise!

Not bad for the first lavender wreath I made. I am sure the next wreath will turn out even better now that I know how to work with lavender.

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