DIY Mason Jar Wall Art With Flowers

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The last couple of days I’ve been very busy with projects. It took several trips to Home Depot with my girlfriend to get all the supplies we needed to finish three projects for the week. Here is one of the three projects we did together.
Home Depot had some scrap plywood left over from the wood cutting station. We asked the guy if we could re-use the wood for a project and he only charged us a dollar for the wood & $1.50 to cut it for us, not bad. We had him cut six pieces that were about 5″x8″ each. We wanted to do something fun with mason jars that we got at Ace Hardware. I thought that it would look adorable hanging the mason jars on the plywood as wall art & that is just what we did. Here is how we made them.

Wood Saw at Home Depot
This is the wood cutting station at Home Depot, pretty cool.

1. After heading back from the hardware store we laid out painters plastic outside in my girlfriend’s back yard. Next we laid the wood down over the plastic, to not stain the patio.

2. Next we spray painted each one of the pieces of wood with semi-gloss white paint. This took about an hour or so because we had to wait for the paint to dry.

3. I used craft wire we bought at Ace Hardware to attach the mason jars to the plywood.

4. Next I wrapped the craft wire around the mason jars and gave them a handle. When you do this project yourself be sure the wire is on snug cause you don’t want the mason jars to fall. It’s a bit tricky but once you do it six times it becomes much easier. I used nail clippers to cut the wire but you can use scissors too if you like.

5. Then I filled all the mason jars with seashells & glass stones.

6. Next we found horse shoe nails in the garage to hold the wire to the plywood. Then wrapped the craft wire to the horse shoe nails & twisted the wire around them.

5. Then I nailed the front of the plywood to hold the mason jars.

6. The final steps were picking flowers from the garden and filling the mason jars with water. Also if you don’t want to use flowers you could also try putting in sand & candles instead or anything you’d like.

Close up!

7. I should have used a level to hang these but I just estimated when hanging all six pieces behind the bed.

I chose to hang them over the bed in the guest bedroom. I was thinking that they could also look really pretty in a craft room, over a sofa, in a bathroom to store cotton balls etc., anywhere you want. It was a long project to work on but definitely worth it when they were all finished!
Materials needed:
-Big piece of wood or plywood
-Craft wire
-Mason Jars
-Horse shoe nails
-Semi-gloss white paint (or any color)
-Scissors or nail clippers
-Extras, flowers, sea shells, glass stones etc.

Any other ideas of how mason jar wall art would be useful in your home or office? Please let me know!

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