DIY Outdoor Furniture Facelift

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My girlfriend and spent Friday afternoon fixing up her outdoor furniture. She has great pieces that just needed a little fixing up due to age. I do like the aged de-stressed look but, these were a little too rustly looking though. Here is what we did to fix up all these pieces.

Before picture
I love this piece.

Before picture

Before Picture
First we sanded down each piece before painting the furniture, this makes the paint hold much longer than not doing so. Next, we spray painted the wicker piece with semi-gloss all purpose paint.

We needed about 4-6 cans of spray paint to cover all the wicker & metal furniture.

These flowers are really hardy outdoor plants. They thrive in the sun and are pretty low maintenance. Just occasional plucking off the dead leaves, flowers and watering.

We decided to plant geranium’s inside the planted box. My mom has a lot of these flowers in pots in her back yard & she highly recommends them. We made the mistake of forgetting to get a bag of soil at Home Depot but took some of the extra soil from the veggie garden and that worked just fine. Then we drilled holes on the bottom, so water can drain out. Looks so much better now!

Just a couple of simple changes we really made these pieces of outdoor furniture look so much better.

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