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If you have wood floors that are beat up painting them is a good way to still keep them and still be Eco friendly. I like this look because you can really spice up your home, I only wish my floors were beat up because I would have painted my floors by now.
To Get started, Always make sure the floors are clean. Depending on which flooring you have, it’s a good idea to sand it down well so the paint doesn’t lift. If the floors are a slick surface like vinyl, you will have to de-gloss it so the paint will stick. You can find chemical washes at any paint store. Once everything is all prepped you should coat the floors with primer and then use paint. If you want to be even more adventurous add some interesting design that you love. To be safe, mark out the pattern you like with tape first. Then use stencils if you’d like to finish the design and remember that symmetry is keep. Once you’re finished with the stenciling, cover the floor with acrylic polyurethane. This paint helps keep the floors from not yellowing. A good thing to keep in mind is to try using the acrylic paint every few years for maintenance.

Check out Sunny’s Goodtime Paints:
Sunnys Paints
They have a big variety of stencils to choose from and paints. For more tips on stenciling and craft painting check out the website.

White and green painted flooring
White and green painted flooring

Photo from, Country Living

Pattern light green/blue and white floors

Pattern light green/blue and white floors

Light blue painted floors

Light blue painted floors

Photo from, Southern Living

Yellow and white painted floors

Yellow and white painted floors

Do you like the look of painted floors?

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  • MWest


    These sure are beautiful examples of floors that have been given a new breath of life from wonderful designs applied with paint. The possibilities are endless with paint. Working for a flooring, it’s great to see the results of DIY or professional painting jobs on floors.


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