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Happy Black Friday everyone!

Let the holiday shopping season begin! Oh boy I can’t believe it…This year is almost over.

I’m thinking of just making handmade gifts this year and buying gifts only made in the US, it’s going to be challenging but fun at the same time.

Last week I re-designed my dining room and thought it turned out nicely. I purchased a new pendant light from World Market and thought it would look even better by switching out the lightbulb. I’ve always loved the look of the vintage Edison lightbulbs.

Seriously, how cool are Edison light bulbs?

I think these lightbulbs are a wonderful way to add a little something more to light fixtures.

The Edison Lightbulbs are charming and timeless and I simply adore them.

A photo (image above) of my dining room I re-designed last week.

World Market- Red punched metal Pendant $23.99. (The pendant light I got at World market.)

If I wanted to change up the design, I could ditch the metal shade for a more modern look and just have the Edison bulb showing. I like having the option of changing up the design of lighting above the dining table, either have the red metal shade or just have the exposed Edison bulb by itself.

Farmhouse wares- Vintage Edison Light Bulb- $19.95.

Hope you all have a nice holiday weekend and safe shopping sprees! :-)
- Xoxo Jessica

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