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What are your thoughts on having face to face sofas in your living room?

Face-to-face sofas definitely offer a different look in interior decor . I’ve seen this done many times and my thoughts keep going back and forth on whether I like it or not. One thing I do like about laying out sofas this way is it seems more inviting. Friends & family can sit comfortably in this sofa arrangement, which seems quite pleasant. Then I was thinking that it could look too matchy using the exact same color sofas and fabrics. Another option to try is getting the same size sofa but slightly different fabric if you don’t want them to completely match. Also, when doing research I read that some people can feel like this is a ‘confrontational’ room arrangement, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Below are some images that appealed to me on face-to-face sofa layouts. Enjoy!

sofas face to face
Smaller leather sofas aren’t as comfortable as large scale sofas. When I’ve sat in smaller leather sofas I find myself always trying to adjust myself and just can’t seem to ever get comfortable, but I guess there’s an exception for smaller living rooms using leather sofas. However, If I were to buy two sofas in a small living room I would suggest linen sofas over leather if you’re looking for comfort.
face-to-face sofas custom
In this space there are two custom made sofas and they look so cozy and inviting. It works well in this room.
sofas face-to-face
sofas face-to-face fireplace

Two Chester sofas in this beautiful living room. I really like the look of the rustic beams on the ceiling, they add a nice extra touch to the room.

So whether you think this sofa layout is intimate, conversation-enabling, or the set-up for a nice debate, it really comes down to personal preference. So that said, it’s my new favorite sofa arrangement obsession!

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