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I’ve always loved the look of iron canopy beds. I have a white wooden poster bed now, so when I decide to buy a new bed I definitely think I may get an iron canopy bed. Here are a few that I thought were nice from several different stores and vendors.

iron poster canopy bed in bedroom setting
This Bed from Restoration Hardware has a good looking arch to it & also has great lines.

Iron canopy bed at Restoration Hardware

iron canopy bed
At PB Teen they have up to a Queen size bed.

Maison Canopy Bed at PB Teen

iron poster canopy bed

I love the look of this Oly bed. The upholstered headboard adds a nice touch and gives it a softer look.

Iron bed with ring accent from Oly

iron venetia canopy bed

This bed is my favorite of all the iron canopy beds. It’s perfect!

Iron Venetian canopy bed with ppholstered headboard

Italian Campaign Canopy Bed from Anthropologie.

- xoxo Jessica

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