Gas or Charcoal Grills, That is the question?

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Summer is almost here and I am debating on which type of grill to buy. So, which grill is better a gas or charcoal grill for outdoor cooking?

I guess it really depends on your personal taste and this is a touchy subject for most people. I’ve noticed that most people seem to have a full blown love affair with either a gas or a charcoal grill and a few people don’t mind either way. Here are some pros and cons of gas and charcoal grills.

Gas Grills – One main benefit of gas grills is they are convenient. You don’t have to worry about buying wood chips or waiting for the coals to heat up to the right temperature, it’s as simple as twisting a knob or flipping a switch and you’re ready to go. What I like about gas grills is they are versatile and the flame is consistent while cooking. This is good to have if you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse.

Outdoor gas grill
Outdoor gas grill

Charcoal Grills – Everyone knows that food cooked on charcoal grills win most every taste test. Unfortunately there is a bit more prep time, mess and lots of baby-siting the food. So, if your impatient maybe a gas grill is a better choice.

Charcoal grill

Charcoal grill

Whether you decide to buy a gas or charcoal grill to get your spring and summer season started, take the time to evaluate your personal needs for outdoor cooking. This is personally my favorite time of the year and certainly enjoy cooking outside with family and friends!

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