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Lately I’ve been drawn to the look of bold graphic encaustic tiles. I think they are so stunning, timeless and help to create that unexpected authentic look in a space.

Lucky for me the design world has been using a lot more of these tiles in design lately.

Another plus is that old-school techniques and materials have been making a comeback onto the scene, which is really neat.

These commonly named ‘cement tiles’ can also be called ‘encaustic tiles’ whatever you’d prefer calling them is really up to you, as you probably know these tiles have been around for hundreds of years now.

These encaustic tiles were mainly used in countries like Morocco, France, and Spain, but weren’t being used as much and dropped in popularity. However, over the last few years it seems that more people such as myself are getting more daring with their tile choices with bold beautiful colors. This is exciting because there are now more companies that are creating and producing more new pattern styles for us to choice from.

Check out a few spaces that are designed beautifully using these lovely tiles, they’re all so different looking.

Blue and white backsplash.

Soft grey and white tile flooring matches nicely with the sink in this modern bathroom.

I’m loving this orange pattern in the foyer..

I found a blog post with more details on these encaustic tiles from House and Home.

Lastly, If you’re interested in looking for a unique pattern in your home or just inspired I’ve put together a few sources that offer some great options to choose from to help get a jump start on your decorating process.

Pretty much every pattern from the photos above you can find made by one of these manufacturers: Mosaic House, Granada Tile, Villa Lagoon, Tierra Y Fuego, Mosaic USA, Popham Design. Enjoy!!

(Images: Houzz, Pinterest, Domino Magazine via Apartment Therapy, Mixr, Oliver Yaphe)

- Xoxo Jessica

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