Great Ideas For Organizing Your Closet

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Sometime it’s nice to take a day and organize your closet. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it when you’re finished. By color coordinating your shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry you can find your belongings much easier. You may end up getting rid of stuff you never wear & have more room for new things. By going through everything, you may come across items you forgot about. I think it’s good to go
through your closet at least twice a year. When you’re finished, you’ll feel so happy that it’s done and you can find all your stuff much easier. Here are some
great pictures of ideal closets, lots of shelving and doors plus you can find your belongs so much easier once everything is organized:

Color coordinated closet

Color coordinated closet

Neat closet

Neat closet

Photo from, Co Co Cozy

Very pink closet

Very pink closet

Photo from, Closets-Organizer

-Wood built in shelves & wired shelves
-Use garment racks, much easier when going through your belongings.

Clothing racks

Clothing racks

-Avoid wire hangers, better options wood or plastic hangers.
-The same sized hangers look so much better then having big variety.
-The container Store, Target or Ikea have lots of useful tools.
Baskets, hangers, portable shelving, shoe containers & much more.
-Bring your stuff you don’t want anymore to a secondhand store, a friend, Good Will, Salvation Army, donate wherever you’d like.

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