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My girlfriend and I decided it would be fun to make some homemade pillows so we went to Britex Fabrics in San Francisco and picked out some nice fabric.

We had a blast just sitting together and visiting while sewing our pillows. It was challenging at times to the stitching to have a consistent pattern. We decided it would be nice to use red thread and it really worked out great.

An interesting thing to keep in mind if you plan on doing any hand sewn projects is to not make the same mistake we did by losing needles in our carpet and bedding during this process. Yikes! They’ll turn up at some point when we least expect it. Actually the good thing is we’re putting in hard wood floors this week so the timing was kinda perfect.

My girlfriend took a photo of me in front Britex…

As you can see these homemade pillows are hand sewn. Wow was this a lot of work! But so so fun and the final product is just awesome!

I also added three cute red bows to the back as accent pieces and they look great..

Viola! Two hand sewn and homemade luxury pillows!

- xoxo Jessica

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    :D awesome job!


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