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I can’t believe H&M has FINALLY designed home goods and accessories! It’s been a long wait of three years for H&M Home to be available and set to launch in early 2013.

So, until then here’s the site to view more of H&M’s collection. They might even be a little competition for Ikea. I’m also curious to see whether their home goods and accessories go hand in hand with fashion trends or if they’ll be different?

One thing I did notice is their price point is higher than Ikea’s.

H&M’s new line consists mainly of accessories and home goods instead of furniture. So that’s the only thing that’s really different than Ikea. I am sure eventually they will add furniture.

Here are just a few photos of the current collection that’s available in Europe. The collection has a midcentury feel to it and seems to me a little less sterile than Ikea.

(Image: via casasugar)

I also love the Navajo blankets for the Fall, it’s too bad they’re not available to the U.S. consumer until the Fall.

Here is the “feminine bohemian” collection, would be super cute for a college dorm room. The bold floral bedding would definitely help add some color in a dorm room, that’s usually boring and in need of design help.

A little bit of the “basics” which is kinda of too basic for my taste, but maybe it makes up for it in quality craftsmanship.

Lastly, they even have a children’s collection. This collection is loud, bold and colorful and I’m sure kids are going to love it.

What are your thoughts on H&M home accessories? I just can’t wait for it to be available in the U.S. I’m really curious to see firsthand their quality and durability.

(Images: H&M)

- Xoxo Jessica

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