Holiday Decorating Without a tree

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Tiny ornaments dangling from a cluster of dried maple tree branches in a vase filled with ornaments gives a nice touch to the entryway. A good place to put this in your home could be on a mantel, console table or windowsill for a festive alternative for the holidays.
Here is how to make one yourself:
-Added winterberry holly
-Tree branches
-Small ornaments
-Print out words of the holidays such as, holly, marry, Noel, gifts etc.
- cut the paper in horizontal strips & once they’re cut out glue the two ends together. Hang them on the branches.
Note: I decided to use cursive writing & It looks adorable.

Decorative branches

Decorative branches

Another great idea for those that don’t want to buy a tree…

Decorative branches

Decorative branches


Another different idea to try for decorating your home for the holidays.

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