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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get into the holiday sprit. Here are some beautiful wreath ideas that I think look so elegant. This year, I am liking wreaths that are a little more simple and not overly done.
Here are some ideas for those of you who decide to make your own wreaths. Try always using fresh cuttings from a florist or nursery. Look to plants that are grown in the wintertime, like southern magnolia, snowberry, pyracantha, garland, holly, boxwood, red-berries, tallow-berries and Beautyberry. You could even use natural materials to dress up the wreath for example, pine cones, pomegranates, red peppers, mini apples, kumquats and other flowers that you prefer. The main handy tools you will need is a hot glue gun, green craft wire, wire or wicker form, sharp scissors, the rest are extras. Whether, you decided to make your own or have yours made, wreaths help give everyone a warm welcome.

I like this wreath because of it’s natural look. The winterberry branches will brighten up any fireplace or front door.

Good Housekeeping

Boxwood Square:
A fun twist on the classic look of boxwood using garland. My mom used two of these last year on the gate and it looked beautiful in the entry way of the house. I thought it looked simple and elegant.
Cute gingham ribbon with white berries..

White tallow barries:
I think the white tallow berries are a pretty twist on the traditional wreath, you see every season. The wreath looks delicate and snowed-on look. It’s especially pretty on a dark door.

Adeline Country Cottage

Box Brownie Trading
Drift wood, this would be perfect if you have a beach home.
A pretty and traditional wreath.

Hope that helps. Just some pretty and simple wreaths. Nothing says Happy Holiday, better than a nice touch of greenery!

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