Inspiration: Halloween Crow Stencil Decor

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I just got the October issue of Country Living Magazine. They have these great stencils of crows for fun Halloween craft projects and I really want to try this one project when I have some free time this week. They had six different craft projects to try but these were the ones that I liked the most.

Fun wall art with crows on the plates. I am sure after Halloween ends it wouldn’t be that hard to take the black crows off the decorative plates.
A quick how-to on making the crow plates:
Try using your old plates that you don’t care too much about in case one gets damaged. Next, download the crow prints, print out, and cut out the templates. Next step, carefully trace the outlines onto plates with a good pencil. After that’s completed use a small fine-tip paint brush to fill in with black flat acrylic paint. If you want to get really detailed by putting in more detailed features for example, eyes or wings it’s best to wait until the paint is completely dry. An hour should be fine for the paint to dry. For hanging the plates any craft store would have good mounting hardware. (from $1.58;
Crow template 1
Crow template 2
Crow template 3
Crow template 4
Crow template 5
Crow template 6

Raven Pumpkin
Decorative raven pumpkin inside a nice bell jar gives this no-carve a stylish look. Here are the downloads, print, and cut out the bird or feather templates. Next, trace the out-line onto a pumpkin. Then after completed tracing out the crow, use a fine-tip brush to fill in with black flat acrylic paint ($1.54 for two ounces; Let dry for one hour, then rest the pumpkin on a bed of moss inside a cloche ($39.95-$79.95;). Check out this Bird Under Bell Jar or this Feather Template for more inspiration.

Collage Orange Paper Lanterns
These paper lanterns are from Pearl River and cost only $2.75; However, you can also buy paper lanterns at any craft store like Michael’s.

The more lanterns makes a bigger statement. Easy
download & print out.
Simply cut out the template and then trace the outline onto black tissue paper. Then, cut out the shape. Next, run a glue stick along the sides of each shape before affixing to the lantern.

Check out more of the scare crow stencils out on Country Living online.

Which crow craft project do you like best?

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