Inspiration: Pretty Shades of Purple

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Purple is one of those colors that can either be masculine or feminine, a big reason why I am so drawn to this color. And it’s so rich, vibrant and is also associated with royalty. However, some of us may think its a bit much, you can easily tone down the purple volume by using neutrals or grays to soften it down a bit.

Here’s some fabulous purple interiors and decorative accents pieces that I thought you’d enjoy or maybe get some inspiration from.

An amazing high gloss painted built-in using this variant shade of purple. (Image via Pinterest).

Accent wall painted purple in this charming dining room. (Image via Pinterest).

Purple console table. (Image: Pinterest).

Just a few purple accessories in this bedroom works well, not over the top with to much purple. (Image: Emerald Cidade).

A purple door. (Image: Martha Stewart).

Apartment 48- Hobnail Pitcher $125.00.

“Grapecicles” artwork featuring various shades of purple. (Now at ZGallerie}

Target- purple leather tray $22.00

Out There Interiors- Purple Louis Armchair With Silver Frame “Penelope.”

A good flea market find for these cute little lavender phlox and glass jars. (Image: 52 Flea)

From a old issue of January Better Homes and Garden, there is just so many different beautiful shades of purple.

I’m a big fan of purple but it really does come off stunningly and quite unique when used correctly in interior spaces.
- Xoxo Jessica

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