Inspiration: Ruffled Kitchen Skirts

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I am working on a fun project in San Francisco at my good friend’s studio apartment. Her place already has so much charm but just needs a few finishing touches. So, starting with the kitchen, there is some open space under the sink and I thought a kitchen skirt with a few baskets for more storage would work perfect.

What are your thoughts on kitchen skirts instead of cabinets?

I personally think they work well if it’s a place you’re not plaining on living in for a long period of time or you don’t own. It’s not worth investing too much in however little inexpensive changes like a kitchen skirt looks pretty and doesn’t cost much. Now, I am off to the fabric shop!
I am thinking striped fabric either tan & beige, blue & white, red & white or even pink, green & white stripes would look nice for the French style she’s leaning towards.
These are the samples I pulled.

P.S. these are a few fabric samples I found from Calico Corners this afternoon. I was also looking for gingham but they didn’t have any good gingham in stock. What are your thoughts? Any favorites? It’s a start but I think I am going to keep looking for some better fabrics.

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