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Here’s a little bit of sweet Scandinavian design inspiration.

This design style is mainly recognized for its “form meets function” visual appeal, nothing too overdone. There’s no additional detail work or extra decoration required when designing with the look. I feel that sometimes not over-designing a room and keeping it simple but elegant is better than over-thinking the design of a space. A home should feel cozy and not look too staged. The photos below display a beautiful Scandinavian style that’s both functional and easy on the eye! Best of all I find this look to be very cozy!

Little lounge work space..

This turquoise throw and chair really pops out with the white bedding. Also the pop of orange flowers in the floral arrangement adds a nice finishing touch.

I like this dining room which has a collective mix of chairs with pops of bold color (lighting and chairs).

Also, I can’t help but say that I love the look of the painted flooring, it adds a nice finish to the room.

Lastly, I found an interesting book on Scandinavian Design on Amazon..

Looks like a great book to get if you’re drawn to Scandinavian style for designing your home.

What are your thoughts on Scandinavian style? Is it too relaxed for your taste or do you prefer more glam?

-xoxo Jessica

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