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I’ve been seeing a lot of these Juju hats everywhere in the design world. These hats look strikingly beautiful being displayed on interior walls. The other night I watched an episode of HGTV, called Dear Genevieve. Designer Genevieve Gorder, re-designed a couples home office. I believe the specific episode was called, A Home Office for Two, and she used these amazing traditional ceremonial Cameroonian juju hats in the couples home office. The feathered head dresses were worn in tribal ceremonies by chiefs in the West African nation of Cameroon. They’re also known as Tyns. I have to be honest, I had some mixed feelings about these hats at first but now I adore them. I would love to have a Juju hat at my place!

Juju hats

Juju hats

If your interested in these hats, they cost around $650.00 at an Australian homewares and decor boutique called Table Tonic. They come in a variety of different colors to choose from. Here are some photos to get you inspired.

Juju hats

Juju hats

-Bold vibrant colors-

Juju hat

Juju hat

The white and cream feathers set a more relaxed vibe in this room.
What do you think about these Juju hats?

You can buy some fabulous JuJu Hats here at Table Tonic
Canadian House and Home

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