Kitchen Inspiration: Chalk Paint

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What are your thoughts on chalkboard walls? I think kitchens are the best spot in a home to use chalk paint for writing recipes and notes to your loved ones. Kitchens are the true heart of the home, and it’s a wonderful place to add chalkboard paint. I prefer black chalk paint over the green personally, as green chalk reminds me of school to much. Even if the chalk wall is blank it looks good and it’s very functional.

This would be a perfect look for my place. I have a small galley kitchen and it would be fun to try something like in this kitchen (above). I’ve been thinking of using chalk paint for a while now and am really considering this look. A perfect way of adding character in a small place.

Some people may think chalkboard walls are cliche, but a little bit of chalk paint isn’t that bad especially if you have a family or playful personality. I think it’s nice in small amounts and not a huge wall like the image above.

P.S. wedding planning is a lot of fun but overwhelming at the same time.

There are so many color combos and themes I’m considering, it’s hard choosing just one. Well, I have seven months to plan so I hope I’ll have it figured out by then. Well, at least I know what style wedding dress I want, so that’s a huge plus!

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- Xoxo Jessica

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