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Everyone needs a basic tool kit to keep their home, office or apartment pulled together. By having basic tools handy in your workroom or garage makes it a lot more convenient to work on DIY projects. Here are some basic tools that I am sure will come in handy if you keep them in your toolbox:



1. A medium weight 16oz claw hammer. That is a good weight for women but try testing out different sizes at a local hardware store and see which one suits you best.
2. Screwdrivers: You need one long & one short. Phillips-heads and Flat-heads or even multi-tipped will be very useful for any project.
3. Measuring Tape (25ft) will help cover most projects.
4. Utility knives or box-cutters, will be helpful for cutting carpet, cardboard, mat board, string and acetate etc.
5. Level: Try buying a 12inch bubble level and metal or plastic will work just fine.
6. Wire cutters help and are useful in many ways.
7. Hand Saw
8. Flashlight, need a big & small one.
9. Felt tip market- (fine tips are better)
10. Needle-long nose pliers
11. Safety goggles- very important!

Hand Held Electric Circular saw
Staple gun
Glue gun
Heavy Duty Leather Gloves
Foam Knee Pads
Putty Knife/Stiff-Bladed Scraper
Chalk Line
Duck Tape
Square (great for checking right angles)
Clamps (various sizes)
Assortment of Nails & Screws
Blue painters tape
Paint brushes
Super glue
Clear glue sticks & glue gun
Craft wire/garden wire
Rubber bands
Old fashion clothespins
Paper clips
Thumb tacks
Sewing pins

Try investing in a portable tool box. A fishing tackle box works great and hardware stores have toolboxes as well.

Ways to mount tools:  Hang a pegboard or set up a couple of plastic rolling carts in a work shed or in your garage. I like seeing everything neat and clean and don’t forget to keep out of the reach of children.

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