Modern Green Painted Kitchens

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I have noticed a lot of kitchens are now being painted green. Green kitchens inspire health because of the hue in the design. The color green symbolizes wealth, growth and prosperity. It makes a lot of since to paint your kitchen green because your dedicating the area with fine dining and a happy life. I personally like the softer green color paint on kitchen cabinets, it gives the kitchens a cozier feel. The brighter the color seems harsh on the eyes and not as cozy. However, that is my personal preference when it comes to bright paints, the softer the better.

I really like the color on the cabinets, a beautiful country styled kitchen.

Green painted kitchen

Green painted kitchen

The black countertops with the green cabinets look great together.

Green painted kitchen

Green painted kitchen

Retro style with bright colored cabinets.

Green painted kitchen

Green painted kitchen

What do you think of the green kitchens?

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