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I am feeling a bit “nautically” inspired these days with the America’s Cup San Francisco around the corner and all. This weekend I may go sailing out on the Bay in San Francisco. So I thought why not find some chic nautical rope I’ve been seeing a lot of in design. I think it’s a great material to incorporate in your home this season. Nautical rope coveys a casual but rustic tone that can work in so many spaces and is a definite symbol of the sea. Here are some fun nautical rope decor types:

Rope Tied Knot aka “Monkey Fist”
$88.00 Special $66.00

Knot Board Pillow from Dransfield And Ross (Navy 24 X 24)

Chandelier Wrapped in jute, this four-armed beauty is both rustic and refined $380.00.

Cloche – stylish corded topper adds textural appeal to a glass display dome. ($99; 8″W x 12½”H)

Rare French Giltwood Mirror With Rope Decor- France Circa from 1880 (Width: 46″-Height: 85.25″) $5,675.00.

Oh, check out this cool video on YouTube of how to make the Monkey Fist knot! Why not try and make your own texture rope knots? I personally haven’t tried making my own yet because I’ve been so busy lately but it looks like a fun DIY Project:-)


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