Oversized Pendant Lights

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What do you think about these extra large pendant lights in these beautiful images below?

Personally my first thought was, I don’t think this would work in a small space? My second thought was am I able to see the person across the table from me?

The third thought that came to me would be worrying about my family, friends and myself not bumping my head every time someone stood up to leave the table?

With all that said, I admit beautiful design doesn’t always come before practicality for me when I decorate. I do think if the lighting was hung in an appropriate space, I would buy an oversized pendant light or recommend it.

Any oversized pendant light would make a bold statement in any room especially seen in the images below. I personally wouldn’t try this look in my place because it would overwhelm my space due to room size issue but if I had high ceilings and a larger room to work with I would totally buy an oversized pendant light to hang above my dining table.

Below are a few beautiful oversized pendant lights that made it work.

Lastly, aren’t these color schemes gorgeous in all these photos? Are you drawn to the more vibrant ones or do you go for the softer look?

(Images via: Style Files, Style Files, Decor 8, West Elm, West Elm)

- Xoxo Jessica

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Comments (2)

  • Mrs. T


    I think that the large pendant lights look great in a photo from an artistic stand point but just wouldn’t be practical in the real world. The scale is just too much and it would feel like an obstruction.


    • Cozy Bliss


      Hi Mrs T. I definitely agree with you. It looks pretty in the picture but just not practical in the real world. I think the picture with the green pendant light would most likely work best out of all of them. Happy Holidays.

      - Jessica


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