Playful Polka Dots

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I can’t get enough of polka dots! I love them in interior design and I love them in fashion. You can never really go wrong with polka dots and spots when used in moderation. With that said, polka dots are especially chic right now and pretty trendy. Below I gathered up some affordable but fabulous spotted home accessories to give this design trend a go without breaking the bank, oh yeah:-)

Freckled shadow towels in grey, from $12 at Anthropologie.

I Need Nice Things- ‘Lots of Dots’ print from I Need Nice Things.

Marimekko- Siirtolapuutarha Espresso cup & plate $38.50

The West Elm- Kamal Snow Dots Dinnerware ($20-$28, originally $25-$32).

Office Depot- Paperboard pencil cup $4.

Furbish- Black and white spotted pillow from Shop Furbish, $50.

- Xoxo Jessica

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