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What are your thoughts on polka dots? I personally adore the preppiness of them. I’ve been hearing that polka dots are in style again… My question is “Aren’t Polka Dots always in style?” When I think of polka dots I think they look wonderful in almost every outfit or interior. These dots aren’t just for decorating children’s rooms, grown ups can enjoy them too!

What I like the most about them is they are playful, fun and can help add some interest to an otherwise plain room. They can also be subtle and sophisticated depending on the scale and the color. Below are a few inspiring design ideas I gathered that display playful ways of using polka dots and subtle option as well.

Chic black & white polka dot blouse!

The dining room as shot for Domino, black & white painting. Can’t help but love the toy car.

Awesome polka dots wallpaper in this bedroom. It’s bold but also the polka dots don’t jump out at you too much.

Large scaled very bold bubble gum pink polka dot wallpaper, daring but fun!

I’m digging these upholstered barstools with a tan and white polka dotted fabric. A nice neutral fabric choice for those of you that aren’t big on color.

Lime green bedding working in a kids room and even an adults bedroom.

(Images: Coastal Living, unknown, blog, Vogue, Jenna Lyons, Pinterest)
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