Poufs are back in style

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The pouf is becoming popular again in design. It’s popping up in design magazine spreads and I’ve even seen them shown on Hgtv. They’re great if you’re strapped for space, very decorative and fit nicely in any environment. The thing I love about these poufs, there just classical, functional and fun to have in any home. Why not have a pouf?



Vintage Fabric poufs, from Plumo
Launched in Spring / Summer 2010 (My sister would love to have this in her dorm room)



Ferm Living Pouf Pouf
On sale for $58.80
Huset pouf from Scandinavian design makes knitted 100% cotton ones. Perfect for seating or even a nice footrest.



Handmade Moroccan poufs
Designed by, John Derian

Shaggy Pouf, The Milos Pouf by Ivan Baj (It would look amazing in a kids room)

Green pouf

Green pouf

Won design of the year in 2008



Modern Dose, crazy pouf

Don’t you just love these poufs? They certainly make me smile!

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