Pumpkin Address Number Decoration

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A fun and easy way of decorating the front door of your home is by carving your address number into some pumpkins. First find some pumpkins either at a pumpkin patch or store. Pick up however many you need, colored pumpkins or plain white. Then if you stack the pumpkins on top of each other go from the bottom biggest to smallest, it’s more noticeable. Then use a pen to trace one number on each pumpkin. For longer or shorter numerical addresses use more or less pumpkins. Then with a pumpkin carver cut 1/4 depth into, until the numbers complete. Repeat with the next. Once you finished your address place them at your front door.¬†You can either place the pumpkins on a hay stack, wheel barrel, or on a basket. Any of these options look great. Add corn stalk near it for an extra flair!

Pumpkin address

Pumpkin address

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